UFC的FOX 14战斗机奖励:安东尼 – 约翰逊隆隆$ 50,000奖金

UFC的FOX 14留在主事件的结果感到失望30000名瑞典球迷,作为安东尼 – 约翰逊打乱了祖国的喜爱,亚历山大·古斯塔夫森。 There was no one fight that stood out, though, and, as such, UFC president Dana White decided that they would hand out four Performance of the Night bonuses and forego the Fight of the Night award.

Leading the charge, of course, was main eventer Johnson, who has taken the utmost advantage of his UFC return, working his way into a No. 1 contender’s fight and upsetting Gustafsson, who had been working for a year-and-a-half to get into a rematch with light heavyweight champion乔恩·琼斯。

花了约翰逊很少超过两分钟,用自己的力量连击古斯塔夫松围绕八角和完成他与地面和磅乱舞。 The stoppage also earned him one of the four $50,000 fighter bonuses.

该停止可能已经早就被一些认为,但格加德·穆赞西迈出重返冠军争夺上周六晚一显著的一步。 He scored a one-minute-ten-second TKO stoppage of former two-division Pride champion丹·亨德森在赢得他的绩效奖金。

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其他两个$ 50,000个奖金去初试战士梅克沃恩·阿米克哈尼和肯尼·罗伯逊。 Amirkhani scored an eight-second knockout of Andy Ogle, while it took Robertson two minutes and forty-two seconds to stop Sultan Aliev.